Entourage Commission


Reflecting the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendation to support the athlete on and off the field of play, the Athletes’ Entourage Commission advises the IOC Session, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC President on matters concerning supporting and protecting clean athletes. In particular matters concerning the relationship between athletes, parents, coaches, managers, technical officials, sponsors, media and all other stakeholders that support and work directly with athletes.

The Commission’s aim is to improve the quality and the level of services to athletes by engaging with and uniting the stakeholders.

The responsibilities of the Athletes’ Entourage Commission are to:

  • Give input on relevant activities related to the implementation of Olympic Agenda 2020, specifically to support and protect athletes' health, social development and ethics (doping/irregular betting, manipulation of competition, harassment and abuse in sport and match fixing);
  • Help the IOC be an opinion leader and a repository of expertise and knowledge regarding all matters related to athletes’ entourage, and be a facilitator between all stakeholders;
  • Address the growth in importance of commercial and media influences, including the increasing influences of contractual arrangements, employment conditions, revenue generation, commercial associations, media demands and commitments;
  • Educate athletes, coaches and the athletes' entourage through the provision of a reference framework and guidelines.

The Athletes’ Entourage Commission is supported by the IOC Sports Department. 


Guidelines for the Conduct of the Athletes’ Entourage
Guidelines for Sanctioning the Members of an Athlete’s Entourage




Director in charge

  • Athletes' Department Director



"The Entourage comprises all the people associated with the athletes, including, without limitation, managers, agents, coaches, physical trainers, medical staff, scientists, sports organisations, sponsors, lawyers and any person promoting the athlete’s sporting career, including family members".

Guidelines for the Conduct of the Athletes’ Entourage


A range of target groups/populations have been identified around athletes in an effort to provide them with a general understanding of expectations and the role each play in the athlete’s “performance system”.