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IOC Sustainability Report

The International Olympic Committee has published its Sustainability Report, tracking progress towards achieving its 18 sustainability objectives for 2020 across its three ‘spheres of responsibility’ – as an organisation, as the owner of the Olympic Games and as the leader of the Olympic Movement.

IOC Sustainability Report – December 2021

IOC Sustainability Progress Update – November 2019

IOC Sustainability Report - Executive summary – October 2018

IOC Sustainability Report - Full version – October 2018

The IOC Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is one of the three pillars of Olympic Agenda 2020 alongside credibility and youth. In line with its recommendations, the IOC has developed a Sustainability Strategy. Based on the responsibility of the IOC as an organization, as the owner of the Olympic Games, and as the leader of the Olympic Movement, it focuses on infrastructure and natural sites, sourcing and resource management, mobility, workforce, and climate. 

IOC Sustainability Strategy - Full version

IOC Sustainability Strategy – Executive Summary

The IOC’s climate commitment

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Sustainability Essentials

The International Olympic Committee's "Sustainability Essentials" series of guidelines aim to provide simple, practical and essential information on key aspects of sustainability for National Olympic Committees, International Sport Federations or any sports organisation who wants to learn more about sustainability and how to integrate sustainability into its operations.
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The Olympic Forest
The Olympic Forest is a contribution to the Great Green Wall initiative, which restores degraded landscapes across Africa’s Sahel region. It will involve planting around 590,000 native trees across approximately 90 villages in Mali and Senegal – host of the Youth Olympic Games Dakar 2026 – and will cover a combined area of around 2,000 hectares.
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IOC Climate Action Awards
Launched in November 2022, the IOC Climate Action Awards recognise Olympic and Paralympic athletes, International Federations and National Olympic Committees for their proactive efforts in tackling climate change.
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  • Sustainability featured documents
    • Carbon Footprint Methodology for The Olympic Games
      10 Dec 2018 · Pdf · pdf (1802 Ko)

    • IOC supplier code
      10 Jan 2022 · Pdf · pdf (146 Ko)

    • IOC sustainability policy
      11 Oct 2017 · Pdf · pdf (49 Ko)

    • Plastic Game Plan for Sport
      07 Jan 2020 · Pdf · pdf (9079 Ko)

    • Olympic games guide on sustainable sourcing
      08 Apr 2019 · Pdf · pdf (3946 Ko)

  • IOC Sustainability Reports
    • IOC Sustainability Report 2021
      06 Dec 2021 · Pdf · pdf (4382 Ko)

    • IOC Sustainability Report 2018
      15 Oct 2018 · Pdf · pdf (5886 Ko)

  • Environmental Impact
    • Environmental impact evaluation of branding and signage solutions for events summary
      17 Mar 2021 · Pdf · pdf (1442 Ko)

    • Sustainable sourcing guidelines for branding and signage materials
      03 May 2021 · Pdf · pdf (1302 Ko)

    • Environmental impact evaluation of branding and signage solutions for events
      17 Mar 2021 · Pdf · pdf (5761 Ko)

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