Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony


  • IOC News

    OECD issues independent guides to measure long-term impacts of global events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • Felix Vo, the Paris 2024 Partnership Lead at Airbnb. Paris 2024

    Road to Paris: “Supporting athletes remains at the heart of our partnership”

  • World Press Briefing Paris 2024

    World’s media and Olympic Movement stakeholders hosted by Paris 2024 to finalise coverage plans

  • Olympic flag Paris 2024

    G20 Leaders look forward to Paris 2024 “as a symbol of peace” and “with participation of all”

  • IOC approves speed skating and updates to short track qualification for Milano Cortina 2026 Milano Cortina 2026

    IOC approves speed skating and updates to short track qualification for Milano Cortina 2026

  • Olympic Refuge Foundation

    The Olympic Refuge Foundation and Nike to work together to facilitate access to sport for displaced people

  • Paris 2024

    IOC announces new collaboration with AFD and Paris 2024 to extend Games legacy

  • Olympic Refuge Foundation

    ORF announces new Refugee Athlete Scholarship-holders aiming for Paris 2024

  • Alistair Brownlee, member of the International Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Commission IOC News

    Olympic Games: a special mark on the hosts, a real mark on humanity

  • Paris 2024 Olympic Village Paris 2024

    The Olympic Village: A home away from home

  • Pierre de Coubertin Paris 2024

    Paris 1924 and Pierre de Coubertin’s enduring love for France

  • Media Rights-Holder

    Second World Broadcaster Meeting marks growing enthusiasm towards Paris 2024


The modern Olympic Games are the world’s foremost multi-sports event.

They are the largest sporting celebration in terms of the number of sports on the programme, the number of athletes present and the number of people from different nations gathered together at the same time, in the same place, in the spirit of friendly competition.

Organised every four years, they include a summer and a winter edition. Athletes from all 206 National Olympic Committees and the IOC Olympic Refugee Team are eligible to compete in a wide range of sporting disciplines and events, watched by a worldwide audience.

The first edition of the modern Olympic Games was staged in Athens, Greece, in 1896, while the first winter edition was held in Chamonix, France, in 1924. Since 1994, the Olympic Games have alternated between a summer and winter edition every two years within the four-year period of each Olympiad.

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Olympic Legacy
Seoul 1988 Olympic Park
Olympic legacy includes the long-term benefits that the Olympic Games create for the host city, its people, and the Olympic Movement before, during and long after the Olympic Games. Find out more about our strategic approach to Olympic legacy!
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Olympic volunteers
It is often said that it is the volunteers who “make the Games”. Early on, the organising committees of the Olympic Games launch programmes allowing tens of thousands of people from all backgrounds to ensure the smooth running of the Games. 
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Youth Olympic Games

Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games are aimed at bringing together talented young athletes aged from 15 to 18 from around the world. The sports programme is mainly based on that of the Olympic Games. In addition, it includes exciting new sports, disciplines and formats.

Away from the field of play, the education programme uses a variety of fun and interactive activities, workshops and team-building exercises to give the participating athletes the opportunity to learn about the Olympic values, explore other cultures, develop the skills to become true ambassadors of their sport, and improve their training methods and performance.

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Gangwon 2024

The fourth edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 will be held in Gangwon province in the cities of Pyeongchang and Gangneung (Republic of Korea), home to the Olympic Winter Games 2018.

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