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  • Education
    Sport Values in Every Classroom: harnessing the power of sport to teach respect, equity and inclusion
  • PyeongChang 2018
    PyeongChang set to launch Olympic education programme
  • OVEP Education
    OVEP 2.0: when sport becomes a school for life
  • Olympic Flag IOC News
    “Getting the couch potatoes off the couch”: IOC joins forces with UNESCO to improve Physical Education in schools
  • IOC News
    YOG participants leave Nanjing with increased awareness of global issues
  • Nanjing 2014
    Young Ambassador talks sport at UNESCO World Youth Forum in Nanjing
  • IOC News
    8th World Conference on Sport, Culture and Education issues call for action
  • IOC News
    Olympians discuss entourage and dual career
  • IOC News
    IOC World Conference kicks off in Amsterdam
  • IOC News
    Amsterdam to host debate on sport, culture and education
  • IOC News
    2012 IOC World Conference on Sport, Culture and Education
  • IOC News
    IOC World Conference on Sport, Culture and Education: 8th Edition in Amsterdam

Olympic Values Education Programme

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The Incredible History of the Olympic Games - English Edition

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