Olympic Documents


Statutory documents governing the activities of the IOC are available here.

Olympic Games

Official documents relating to the celebration of the Olympic Games, including but not limited to candidature processes, host contracts, decision-making documentation, marketing programmes, codes of conduct for the Games, and others are available here.


How does the IOC support and protect athletes? What is the role of the IOC Athletes’ Commission? This and other information, including medical advice, anti-doping regulations and other athlete-related documentation is available here.

Olympic Movement

The Olympic Movement is a global community comprising the National Olympic Committees, International Sport Federations and other organisations and individuals united by a shared vision of building a better world through sport.

Beyond The Games

The activities of the IOC go well beyond the Olympic Games. Documents describing other initiatives carried out by the IOC are available here.

More information

Olympic Studies Centre

As the centre of reference for Olympic knowledge, the Olympic Studies Centre aims at promoting and supporting university-based Olympic education, teaching and research.

Olympic World Library

The Olympic World Library is an online library catalogue and information portal entirely dedicated to literature related to the Olympic Movement, the Olympic Games and Olympism.