Tokyo 2020
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I stayed with my sport after retirement, and you can too.
So have confidence in yourself. Don’t just go out and get a low-paying, entry-level job. Go out and do. Challenge yourself in just the same way you challenged yourself in sport. Work hard, don’t quit and you will succeed again in whatever you choose – in the same way, you succeeded in sport.
You have so much time while you are still training, especially if you are a full-time athlete, and I think you need to really use that time to prepare your second career. Don’t just stop your sport and then have no idea what to do next.
I think, especially on the Paralympic side, getting our stories out, giving hope to people and maybe inspiring the next generation is huge, especially right now.
It is essential that we support athletes with the most valuable information and resources at the right times throughout their career. Be our ambassadors, spread the word and help us share the information.
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