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  • Tokyo 2020

    Atos’ technology instrumental to success of Tokyo 2020

  • Olympic podium Tokyo 2020 Sustainability

    “We share the same ambitions to improve the environment”: P&G’s Pritchard speaks to sustainable impact of Olympic partnership

  • Visa Awards IOC News

    Inaugural Visa Award Olympic and Paralympic winners select charities for donations totalling USD 100,000 from Visa

  • Sports Change Makers Tokyo 2020

    Panasonic Sports Change Makers set to present innovative ideas that “go beyond barriers”

  • PG Tokyo 2020

    P&G recognises athletes for acts of good during Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

  • GE  Signa Voyager MRI machine in Olympic Village Tokyo 2020

    GE technology providing cutting-edge healthcare for Tokyo 2020 athletes

  • Fleet of Toyota e-Palette vehicles at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village Tokyo 2020

    Toyota’s innovative mobility solutions taking Olympic transport to new heights in Tokyo

  • Gus Kenworthy Partners

    P&G champions LGBTQ+ athletes at Tokyo 2020

  • Panasonic IOC Young Leaders

    IOC Young Leaders Programme and Panasonic extend their partnership through to 2024

  • Autonomous robot delivers rugby ball to rugby sevens players at Tokyo 2020 Tokyo 2020

    Worldwide Olympic Partners helping to make Tokyo 2020 most innovative Olympic Games ever

  • Tokyo Olympic Stadium 2020 aerial shot Tokyo 2020

    Dow solutions contributing to sustainability and legacy of Tokyo 2020

  • Bridgestone the official tyre of Tokyo 2020 on a vehicle in the Olympic Village Tokyo 2020

    Bridgestone solutions helping to keep Tokyo 2020 moving safely and efficiently

  • Atos technology staff working at Tokyo 2020 Tokyo 2020

    Atos helping to make Tokyo 2020 most connected Olympic Games ever

  • Olympic Cauldron lights in Tokyo 2020 Tokyo 2020

    Worldwide Olympic Partners showing their support for athletes in Tokyo

  • ©Coca-Cola Tokyo 2020

    IOC and Coca-Cola celebrate unity in diversity through I Belong Here campaign

  • Visa Tokyo 2020

    IOC, IPC and Visa announce fan-votes award celebrating Tokyo 2020’s most inspiring moments

  • Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony Tokyo 2020

    Coca-Cola’s Placard Bearers help to promote diversity and inclusion at Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony

  • Intel drones light up the sky in Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony Tokyo 2020

    Spectacular Intel Drone Light Show helps bring Tokyo 2020 to life

  • The Alibaba Showcasing with IOC President Thomas Bach the IBC in Tokyo ahead of TOKYO 2020, the XXXII IOC Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    Alibaba’s Tokyo 2020 innovations helping transform Olympic Games for digital era

  • The Omega Showcase Reveal at the Odaiba showcasing area in Tokyo Tokyo 2020

    OMEGA’s tradition of Olympic timekeeping innovations continues at Tokyo 2020

Support from the business community is crucial to the staging of the Games and the operations of every organisation within the Olympic Movement, including funding, technical services, and products.

The Olympic Partners (TOP) programme is the highest level of Olympic sponsorship, granting category-exclusive marketing rights to the Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games to a select group of global partners.

The programme – which was created by the IOC in 1985 – attracts some of the best-known multinational companies in the world. Through their support, Olympic partners provide the foundation for the staging of the Olympic Games and help athletes from over 200 nations participate on the world’s biggest sporting stage.


Marketing Programmes of the Organising Committees

Under the direction of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Organising Committees (OCOGs) manage their own complementary commercial programmes to support the staging of the Games. Contracts are negotiated directly by the OCOG and are generally limited to the four-year Games period.

OCOG marketing programmes incorporate:

  • Olympic Games sponsorship and suppliership programmes (non-competing product categories to the TOP Partners)
  • Olympic Games ticketing programmes
  • Olympic Games licensing programmes

Marketing programmes of the National Olympic Committees

National Olympic Committees (NOCs) manage local sponsorship programmes in non-competing categories to the TOP TOP Partners that also support sports development activities and the respective Olympic teams. These sponsorship programmes grant Olympic marketing rights within the NOC country or territory only.

Olympic marketing programmes managed by the NOCs include:

  • National Olympic sponsorship and suppliership programmes that operate within the home country of the NOC
  • National Olympic licensing programmes.

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