YOG Education Programme
at Youth Sporting Events

For the first time ever, the core educational activities offered to young athlete during the YOG are now pooled together in one single place and available to the entire Olympic family for youth sports events. Ready, steady, go and download the guide!

The IOC is committed to helping elite young athletes, aged 15 to 18, including the next generation of Olympians participating in youth sporting events around the world, to become champions on the field of play, but also champions in life off the field of play — #StrongerTogether

Since the inception of the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, more than 10,000 young athletes have been offered the YOG Athlete Education Programme, a series of educational activities that has been a great success with young athletes from the start.

This programme is a fundamental component of the athletes’ experience at the YOG, enabling them not only to compete at the highest level, but also to become the best version of themselves. 

Building on this success, the IOC has packaged the content of the Youth Olympic Games educational programmes for young elite athletes to allow, upon request, youth event organisers to deliver an educational programme to their own young participants. The content is available and gathered in one single document that can be downloaded from this page.

What’s inside?

The programme is designed to enhance the protection and well-being of young elite athletes both on the field of play and in their everyday lives. It includes a series of educational activities with three areas of focus: protecting the clean athletes, working on performance, and assisting the athletes outside sport.

The athletes can watch videos, download apps with immersive scenarios, take quizzes, play computer games, access online learning platforms, exercise to prevent injury and even explore various opportunities for a smooth transition from competitive sport into a workplace.

For whom?

Designed for International Federations (IFs), National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and event teams organising youth championships or games, this guide has been developed for them to successfully, easily and economically implement an educational programme before, during and after an event — on-site.

How it works

Most of these activities (assets and links) are available for free in one single document. They are self-explanatory, and just need to be to be loaded on a computer or tablet. Before the event, get energised and prepare the logistics, train your staff, brief your coaches and activate the communication. During the event, create a comfortable area with the mock-up provided in the kit and prepare to offer young athletes a unique and memorable  experience. After the event, collect feedback and share the activities! 


Click here to download the guide in spanish.

This guide has been developed to support the organisation of education programmes at youth sporting events

Chad le Clos
My advice to young athletes: Learn everyday, experience everything, and don’t let the pressure or circumstances overwhelm you. Chad le Clos


Pierre de Coubertin
For each individual, sport is a possible source for inner improvement. Pierre de Coubertin on education
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