Olympic Agenda 2020

Adopted by the IOC Session at its meeting in Monaco in December 2014, Olympic Agenda 2020 is a set of 40 detailed recommendations whose overarching goal was to safeguard the Olympic values and strengthen the role of sport in society.

The roadmap for the IOC and the Olympic Movement, Olympic Agenda 2020 was built on the three pillars of Credibility, Sustainability and Youth. The 40 separate yet interrelated recommendations were identified and collated through a collaborative and consultative process involving Olympic Movement stakeholders and outside experts. They were driven by a recognition that the world was evolving rapidly and that the Olympic Movement had the opportunity to be an agent of change.

Since Olympic Agenda 2020 was adopted in December 2014, it has had a profound impact in all spheres. It has:

  • strengthened the IOC and the Olympic Movement by introducing changes intended to make the Olympic Games fit for the future; 
  • safeguarded the Olympic values; and
  • strengthened the role of sport in society. 

These achievements, which will continue to evolve, have laid solid foundations for the future.

The Olympic Agenda 2020 Closing Report has now been published ahead of the 137th IOC Session, which will be held from 10 to 12 March 2021. The Session will vote on it. The report describes in detail each of the 40 recommendations, the different activities undertaken to implement them and the impacts that all the recommendations, individually and together, have had on the IOC and the Olympic Movement since December 2014.

The Olympic Agenda 2020 Closing Report is available here

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