Formalisation of Lausanne
as the “Olympic Capital”

To mark the centenary of the IOC, Lausanne officially received the status of “Olympic Capital” in 1994.

IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch and members of the Executive Board joined Lausanne Mayor Yvette Jaggi, who officially conferred the title on the city. The city railway station, built in 1916, was decorated with the Olympic rings as part of a renovation project.

Over the years, more and more International Sports Federations and sports organisations have joined the IOC in making Lausanne their home, and today more than 50 International Federations and international sports organisations are located in the Olympic Capital. When President Samaranch gave this title to Lausanne in 1994, he did so because he believed that, if it was to be the universal embodiment of the values he defended, the Olympic Movement needed to have a clear territorial expression, a place recognised by all as the repository of these values.

IOC in Lausanne


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