Awareness-raising and capacity building

The IOC regularly organises meetings, seminars and workshops for a range of stakeholders (governments, international organisations, betting operators and the sports movement).

The objective is to raise awareness, share best practices and define what is needed to ensure the credibility of sport through appropriate risk assessment and risk management. Every two years, the IOC organises the International Forum on Sports Integrity (IFSI).

Important tools to protect sport’s credibility and integrity have been created since the adoption of Olympic Agenda 2020 that serve to raise awareness and facilitate cooperation between the various stakeholders concerned. Examples include: the Believe in Sport Code of Conduct and educational campaign, comprising an integrity toolbox and e-learning programme for Olympic athletes and officials; educational activities during the Youth Olympic Games; and the IOC-INTERPOL capacity-building programme.

Believe in sport

Believe in Sport is the IOC’s educational campaign to raise awareness among athletes, coaches, officials and other stakeholders about competition manipulation and its connection to sports betting.


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YOG activities

During the Youth Olympic Games, a number of activities are organised to raise awareness among young athletes, as part of the Athlete “Compete, Learn and Share” Education Programme.


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Capacity building: the partnership with INTERPOL

The International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) and the IOC have partnered since 2014 to assist in the protection of sports integrity through capacity building and training.


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Integrity Hotline

This Hotline can be used to report

  • suspicious approaches or activities related to competition manipulation
  • incidents of harassment and/or abuse
  • any other infringements of the IOC Code of Ethics or other matters including financial misconduct or further legal, regulatory and ethical breaches over which the IOC has jurisdiction.
Confidentiality guaranteed.

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