The IOC’s Believe in Sport campaign aims to raise awareness among athletes, entourage and officials of the threat of competition manipulation.

If the course or result of a competition is fixed in advance, sport becomes meaningless and loses its credibility. The IOC wants athletes and fans to continue to believe in sport. It is therefore necessary to safeguard its integrity.

The campaign, launched in October 2018 at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, is the result of collaborative work with representatives from International Sports Federations, National Olympic Committees, athletes and coaches.

Code of Conduct

The Believe in Sport Code of Conduct is at the heart of the campaign and sums up the four key rules that all athletes, coaches and officials need to be aware of. It is available in 11 languages:  

EnglishArabicChineseFrenchGermanItalianJapaneseKoreanPortuguese , Russian and Spanish.



The Believe in Sport Toolbox is the backbone of the campaign and includes almost 30 different educational tools in different formats (videos, template presentations, leaflets, etc.), targeting athletes, coaches and officials. Most of the tools are available in at least six languages. You are guided to choose different resources depending on the type of your audience and their level of expertise on the topic of competition manipulation (beginner, intermediate, expert). All sports organisations and coaches are strongly encouraged to spread the word and widely diffuse the different tools in their respective network.

The toolbox will be continuously updated. Therefore, if you have any feedback, ideas or questions, do not hesitate to share them with us:


Check out our app specifically developed for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in which users can create their own athlete avatar from a selfie and learn about the different ways they could get caught in the web of sport-competition manipulation.

Contact for awareness raising support

Regulations and Legislation

Regulations and Legislation
Find out how the IOC initiates and supports the development of sporting regulations and public legislation that protect the integrity of sport, prevent competition manipulation and empower effective regulatory enforcement, particularly as a risk prevention measure, in the organisation of sporting competitions.
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Intelligence and Investigations

Intelligence and investigations
Find out more about the Integrity Betting Intelligence System (IBIS) and the hotline for reporting possible violations.
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Integrity Hotline

This Hotline can be used to report

  • suspicious approaches or activities related to competition manipulation
  • incidents of harassment and/or abuse
  • any other infringements of the IOC Code of Ethics or other matters including financial misconduct or further legal, regulatory and ethical breaches over which the IOC has jurisdiction.
Confidentiality guaranteed.


Prevention of competition manipulation

Prevention of competition manipulation
Find out about the IOC’s efforts to protect clean athletes from any kind of competition manipulation. Competition manipulation is when an athlete or official cheats to remove the unpredictability of a competition. They may cheat to lose a competition or part of it, which is entirely against the Olympic spirit. Competition manipulation can happen in any sport and in any country.
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Good Governance

The IOC is committed to strengthening the integrity of sports organisations and protecting clean athletes. The fight against doping and any other forms of cheating in sport on the one hand, and the strengthening of ethics with improvements in transparency, good governance and accountability of sports organisations on the other, have been top priorities for the IOC.

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