Contemporary Art @ Olympic Agora

Solidarity and Collaboration Makoto Tojiki

‘Human potential, determination, solidarity and hope’

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki is known for using light as his primary medium of expression and has created an original illuminated work for the Olympic Agora. The larger-than-life image of solidarity is represented by two relay runners who are passing the baton. Through these representations of the relay and team play, the artist also highlights the importance of passing on the Olympic values to the next generation.

The sculpture is made of steel mesh and it is the largest installation created by the artist to date. Standing more than four metres tall at Fukutoku Plaza in Nihonbashi, these brilliant figures are characteristic of Tojiki’s fleeting images, which are as ephemeral and enigmatic as shadow itself.

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Contemporary Art
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    Contemporary Art
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      Solidarity and Collaboration
      / Makoto tojiki

      Fukutoku Garden

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