The Olympic Values
Education Programme at
Olympic Agora Beijing 2022

The Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) is a practical set of free and accessible learning and teaching resources that have been created by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) designed to inspire and allow young people to experience life values such as excellence, respect and friendship.

Using the context of Olympic sports and the core principles of Olympism, participants are encouraged to experience values-based learning and to assume the responsibilities of good citizenship. OVEP communicates the benefit of sport and physical activity through an understanding of Olympism and its impact on individual health, enjoyment and social interaction.

The programme for Beijing 2022 will use arts integration as a non-formal teaching approach to facilitate understanding of OVEP concepts.

Two events are scheduled to take place at Olympic House in Lausanne, Switzerland, wherein two Olympian artists will reflect on their career path and how it was linked to the Olympic values, art, culture, education and sport. The Olympian artists will host a live workshop with school children, and the sessions will also be available to an online audience. Before the event, teachers will be coached on OVEP and encouraged to explore the relevant topics with their students. The format of the workshops may be subject to change, depending on the prevailing COVID regulations.

9 February 2022 (ENG) – with Olympian artist Neil Eckersley
16 February 2022 (FRE) – with Olympian artist Kader Klouchi

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Olympic Values Education Programme

Adopting the Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship, the OVEP programme uses the universality of sport to foster learning inside and outside the classroom.
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