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The IOC global licensing programme

Building on Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC Global Licensing Strategy aims to create a tangible connection to the Olympic Games and Olympism through merchandising programmes that are aligned with the Olympic image and enhance brand value and goodwill.

The objective is to strengthen and promote the Olympic brand, not only during the Olympic Games, but between Games as well.

The IOC Global Licensing Strategy is divided into three core licensing programmes aimed at specific target groups: The Olympic Heritage Collection, The Olympic Collection and The Olympic Games Programme.

The Olympic collection

The Olympic Collection is developed by the IOC and aims to engage young people and to connect with a large audience through remarkable, authentic, high-quality products.

Focused mainly on sports equipment and toys, the goal of this collection is to communicate the essence of the Olympic brand and values to sports enthusiasts, people with an active lifestyle and those who love to watch sport.

The Olympic heritage collection

The IOC has developed the Olympic Heritage Collection as one of its three Global Licensing core programmes, aiming to celebrate the art and design of the past Olympic Games with a series of lifestyle and high-end products released in limited editions that allow anyone to own a piece of Olympic history.

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The Olympic Games programme

The Olympic Games Programme is developed and managed by the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (OCOG) in each Host Country and is aimed at Olympic fans either visiting the Host City or following the Games from home and looking for a souvenir of their Olympic experience.

The Olympic Movement works to ensure the authenticity and quality of Olympic Games merchandise through a comprehensive programme of trademark legislation, education, monitoring and enforcement. These efforts protect consumers from unauthorised or counterfeit goods, protect official Olympic licensees from rights infringements and protect the Olympic brand from the potential negative impact of low quality unauthorised merchandise.

The official mascots of each Games often form a key part of these licensing efforts, while commemorative coins and stamps are also hugely popular among the public and Olympic collectors alike. For more information on these philatelic and numismatic programmes, visit: this page

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