Working life at the IOC

Working principles

To fulfil its mission, the IOC and the Olympic Movement have adopted and adhere to four working principles that drive us in our work and daily activities. These working principles preserve the integrity and distinctiveness of what we do.

Sustainability: Sport has been recognised as an important enabler of sustainable development. We have the opportunity to make a real difference through our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Including sustainability as a working principle means that, when making decisions, we ensure feasibility and we seek to maximise positive impact and minimise negative impact in the social, economic and environmental spheres. The IOC works to embed sustainability across its operations as an organisation, as the owner of the Olympic Games and as the leader of the Olympic Movement.

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Unity in diversity: The IOC stands against discrimination of any kind, such as race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, social, language, religion, political belief or social background. We celebrate our unity in all our diversity.

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University and solidarity lie at the heart of everything the Olympic Movement stands for. This is the opportunity for us to contribute to a more inclusive society and to peace.

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Autonomy and good governance: Good governance is a key part of the Fundamental Principles of Olympism. The IOC continues to strengthen its principles of good governance, promoting integrity across the Olympic and sports movement.

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We are located in two different sites: Olympic House, the home of our headquarters; and The Olympic Museum, dedicated to general public activities in Ouchy.

Addressing individual and collective needs, Olympic House offers the IOC workforce a first-rate contemporary working environment. It has been built to adapt to strategic or organisational changes to come, with an agile working environment dedicated to a mobile workforce. Olympic House has received three of the most rigorous sustainable building certifications. It has therefore become one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

Olympic House

Olympic Museum

Employee benefits

At the IOC, we offer a salary package and plenty more besides. We want to help our employees to feel good in the office and when they are working remotely. We believe in work-life balance, and this is why we work every day on establishing new benefits. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of our current benefits:

  • Competitive salary package (equal pay for equal work) with a very attractive occupational pension component
  • Swiss health insurance (for staff members with IOC contracts)
  • Flexible working hours and remote-work policy
  • Continuous professional development and training and mentoring programmes
  • Sustainable travel-to-work incentive
  • Numerous incentives to live a sustainable healthy and active life, such as access to a well-equipped gym at work, an active sports club with various services and an allowance for sports fees.
  • Attractive offers at various companies in Switzerland, for gyms, cars, etc.


Meet the teams

About 700 people work in the IOC administration at our headquarters and in The Olympic Museum in Lausanne (Switzerland). All of our team members come from different backgrounds and have brought diverse experience to the IOC. They are the ones who make our offices such a great place to work and help to develop the Olympic Movement every day with their enthusiasm and commitment to the missions of the IOC. Get to know our employees – your future colleagues and managers – by reading about their experiences below.

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