Our vision

Our vision is to build a better world through sport. We are not the only institution striving to build a better world – however our tool is sport, which makes it unique. We try to do this through three main values rooted in the philosophy of Pierre de Coubertin: Striving for excellence, Demonstrating respect and Celebrating friendship.

We have three missions linked to delivering on our vision and reflecting our values of excellence, respect and friendship: 

  • to ensure the uniqueness and regular celebration of the Olympic Games
  • to put athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement
  • to promote sport and the Olympic values in society, with a focus on young people.

To fulfil its mission, the Olympic Movement has adopted and adheres to four working principles. These working principles preserve the integrity and distinctiveness of what we do.

Our working principles

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Our two sites in Lausanne

We are located in two different sites, in The Olympic House, the home of our headquarters and in The Olympic Museum.

Olympic House

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Olympic Museum

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