Inclusion, diversity, gender equality and sustainability

The IOC, as the leader of the Olympic Movement, stands against discrimination of any kind, including race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, social, language, religion, political belief or social background. Our vision as an employer is to be inclusive, diverse and gender equal.

At the IOC, we are driven by our vision of building a better world through sport. Gender equality, inclusion and diversity are integral components to fulfilling this vision because we know that we are strongest when we are together.  

Unity in diversity

As a purpose-driven organisation committed to promoting the universal and Olympic values of peace, solidarity, respect and unity, the spirit of inclusion and diversity is embedded in our DNA and is central to everything we do.

We have a role to ensure that the IOC, and sport more broadly, is embracing change in order to adapt to the needs of a fast-moving world and to remain relevant to people around the globe.

But we cannot achieve this alone.  

As an equal-opportunities employer, we take our mission and responsibility to heart. This is why we are intensifying our efforts and continually seeking to foster a workforce and create a workplace where everyone is respected and valued, belongs and feels supported to be their best.  

We are more determined than ever to build bridges, to bring the world together in peace and solidarity, to celebrate the unity of humankind in all our diversity. We are always stronger together, and we are ready to contribute to making the world a better place through sport.

President Thomas Bach

IOC President Thomas Bach

JOIN US and let’s make a difference through sport together!.  


Did you know that 12,000 tonnes of concrete from the IOC’s former headquarters were recycled in the foundations of Olympic House? Or that by grouping together our annual commission meetings we have reduced associated return flights by 25%? And that by incentivising our staff to use public transport or cycle and walk to work, more than half now use sustainable modes of transport?

These are just some examples of how the IOC is embracing sustainability as an organisation in its daily activities and for employees. Find out more about sustainability in the Olympic Movement.

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