International Olympic
Truce Center

International Olympic Truce Center

In the framework of promoting peace through sport and the Olympic ideal, the International Olympic Truce Centre (IOTC) was founded in July 2000 by a joint initiative of the IOC and Greece. Its headquarters are in Athens, with a symbolic office in Olympia. 

The IOTC defines its actions around the following objectives: 

  • To promote the Olympic ideals to serve peace, friendship and understanding in the world, and in particular, to promote the Ancient Greek tradition of the Olympic Truce;
  • To initiate conflict prevention and resolution through sport, culture and the Olympic ideals, and promote peace in general by mobilising young people worldwide.
  • To cooperate with all inter- and non-governmental organisations specialised in this field, to develop educational and research programmes, and to launch communications campaigns, meetings and conferences to promote the Olympic Truce.

The IOTC is administered by a  Board composed of personalities from the world of sports and politics, which meets once a year (chaired by the IOC).

To find out more about the IOTC’s initiatives, visit its website.

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