Olympic Solidarity manages the share of the broadcast rights from the Olympic Games which belongs to the NOCs, and redistributes these funds through programmes offered to all NOCs recognised by the IOC.

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Thanks to the increase of the Olympic revenue over the years, Olympic Solidarity has expanded the range of its programmes offered to the NOCs and developed its activities. The development and assistance budget approved by the Olympic Solidarity Commission for the 2021-2024 plan is USD 590,000,000. Both the overall budget for 2021-2024 and specific areas of this budget have been increased significantly in the 2021-2024 plan, compared to the previous plan:

  • 16% increase in the 2021-2024 budget
  • 18% increase for the World Programmes
  • 25% increase in support to athletes
  • 25% increase in NOCs activities budget
  • 24 % increase for continent-specific programmes

2021-2024 global budget

World Programmes: USD 258,270,000 (44%)
Continental Programmes: USD 222,100,000 (37%)
IOC Subsidies for NOCs’ Participation in Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games: USD 70,500,000 (12%)
Administration: USD 22,600,000 (4%)
Technical support services: USD 16,530,000 (3%)

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