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09 Sep 2019

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09 September 2019

NOC of Bahrain

A course for fencing coaches was recently organised by the Olympic Academy of the NOC of Bahrain, in cooperation with Olympic Solidarity. A total of 27 coaches took part in this course at the headquarters of the Bahrain Fencing Association.

02 September 2019

Bahrain NOC

As part of a national coaches programme, a level 3 course was organised by the Olympic Academy of the Bahrain NOC. In total, 25 coaches from Bahrein and Saudi Arabia took part in the two-week course, which was run in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada. In addition, a human resources management course was organised by the NOC in cooperation with Olympic Solidarity. The course focused on ways to organise human resource structures in sports bodies and to use these to achieve the best possible results.

05 August 2019

Bahrain Olympic Committee
The Physical Performance Laboratory, which falls under the authority of the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC), offers high-tech equipment for national clubs’ and teams’ athletes to undergo various physical tests, as was recently the case with players from Al Ahli Club (see photo). This equipment provides precise, detailed statistics on the players’ physical conditions, including cardiac and respiratory capacities and functionality.

In addition, 26 coaches from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia attended a level 2 course, which is part of the National Coaching Programme. This training programme is conducted by the BOC’s Olympic Academy, in cooperation with the Coaching Association of Canada, across various national sports organisations. Furthermore, officials from the nine Bahraini sports federations that make up the Bahrain Combat Sports Council attended a dedicated workshop to explain the administrative, financial and legal regulations. More info at

27 May 2019

Bahrain Olympic Committee

A technical course for badminton coaches was organised by the Bahrain Olympic Committee in cooperation with the Bahrain Badminton and Squash Federation. The course, supported by Olympic Solidarity, brought together 20 participants from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Syria, and featured both theory and practical sessions.

14 May 2019

NOC of Bahrain

Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa has been elected President of the NOC of Bahrain for the remainder of the 2017 to 2020 period. President of the Bahrain Athletics Association and First Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport, he has taken over from Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

18 April 2019

Bahrain Olympic Committee

On 13 April, the Bahrain Olympic Committee launched the biggest children’s sports event in the country, as the Second Bahrain Baby Games got underway in Riffa. Around 1,029 children aged from 3 to 5, including 563 representing 35 nurseries and 466 from 34 kindergartens, took part in this event, organised by the NOC for the second consecutive year in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

In addition, according to the NOC, it has been confirmed that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Sport Dispute Resolution Authority will have its permanent headquarters in Bahrain. This was announced at the 88th meeting of the Executive Office of the NOC Presidents of the GCC-member countries, in Muscat (Oman).

08 March 2019

Bahrain NOC

Shaikha Hayat bint Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa (see photo), a board member of the Bahrain NOC, has been elected Chair of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)’s Women’s Sports Committee. The winner of the IOC Women and Sport Award for Asia in 2015, she is currently a member of the Athletes’ Entourage Commission and Chair of the Bahrain Women’s Sport Committee.

In addition, representatives of national sports clubs and associations attended a post-graduate sports management course, organised by the Bahrain Olympic Academy in cooperation with Olympic Solidarity. The subjects discussed included the management of various sports and Olympic-related organisations. More info on

01March 2019

Bahrain Olympic Committee
The Bahrain Olympic Academy, under the umbrella of the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC), discussed possible forms of cooperation with a visiting delegation from Northumbria University in the UK. Academy Director Nabeel Taha, joined by Olympic Solidarity Manager Maryam Mardana and Training and Development Executive Coordinator Mahmood Yateem and training and development specialist Ahmed Hafed, had a fruitful meeting with Katy Storie, International Development Manager at Northumbria University, and Zahra Munther. The University has successful experience in linking academic achievement to sport, in addition to organising a series of sports programmes that help to enhance students’ abilities in both sporting and scientific and academic aspects. More info at

18 February 2019

Bahrain NOC

On 12 February, Bahrain celebrated its national Sports Day, with more than 200 sports and other activities being held across the nation’s four governorates. The most anticipated activities took place at Isa Sports City, near the National Stadium in Riffa. The event, which is held on the second Tuesday of February every year, aims to raise awareness about the importance of exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. The Secretary General of the Bahrain NOC, Abdulrahman Askar, gave the start signal for the “colour run”. This third edition of the national Sports Day was organised in cooperation with various ministries, the government authorities, governorates and the private sector. More info on

04 February 2019

Bahrain NOC

 The US embassy in Bahrain has announced its support for the 2019 Bahrain Sports Day, scheduled for 12 February. Organised for the third consecutive year by the Bahrain NOC in cooperation with the Education Ministry, the Sports Day aims to promote a healthy lifestyle. During a meeting with the NOC’s Sports Affairs Executive Director, Abduljalil Asad, project manager Lounes Madene and sports associations supervision head Fadi Humaidan, US embassy media and culture officer Karin Ehlert, accompanied by staff member Najem Swar, announced that the embassy would set up a private booth offering an American football workshop at the event venue in Isa Town. More details on

28 January 2019

Bahrain NOC

The Bahrain NOC has unveiled a plan to set up playgrounds equipped with integrated sports and entertainment facilities. The initiative, known as “Al Firjan Playgrounds”, is part of the NOC’s efforts to provide people of all ages access to multiple sports facilities and entertainment services across the country. A committee has been formed and includes representatives from inside and outside the NOC. It is led by Abdulrahman Askar, the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports Assistant Secretary General and NOC Secretary General. More info at

22 January 2019

Bahrain Olympic Committee

Preparations for the sixth edition of the School Mini Olympics, organised by the Bahrain Olympic Committee, are now underway. The event is being held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and will feature more than 20 sports in total, with schools from all over the nation expected to take part. The NOC’s Project Directorate has already organised the first coordination meeting with the Ministry and the private schools to discuss a number of issues related to the organisation of this edition of the event. More info at

20 December 2018

NOC of Bahrain

The NOC of Bahrain joined other public and private sector parties in celebrating Women’s Day in Bahrain. A special gathering was held in late November at the NOC’s headquarters in Seef and was attended by the NOC’s female staff members. The NOC’s Women’s Sport Committee Chair, Sheikha Hayat bint Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, was the patron of the event, which paid tribute to the achievements of Bahraini women in legislative and municipal work. More info at

10 December 2018

Bahrain Olympic Committee

The Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) organised a workshop on the benefits of walking at the Bahrain National Stadium in Riffa. Entitled “Importance and benefits of walking”, the workshop brought together representatives from national sports bodies, clubs, federations and youth centres. Furthermore, a level 4 National Coaching Programme Course organised by the BOC’s Bahrain Olympic Academy brought together 27 coaches of different sports from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The BOC has also signed an agreement with CleanUp Bahrain, to look into the best ways to recycle electronic items in an attempt to preserve the environment. More info at

19 november 2018

Bahrain NOC


The Olympic Academy of the Bahrain NOC organised two symposiums at its offices in Juffair. The first will be on competition planning and sports regulations, while the second will cover sports regulations, addressing the rights and duties of athletes when they sign a contract. The Athletes’ Commission Chairman and NOC Board of Directors Member Omar Al Maliki will be in attendance. More info at

6 November 2018

The NOC of Bahrein reports that the Bahrain Swimming Association is in the process of announcing the first-ever Bahrani professional water sports academy. The academy will be the only one of its kind in the country, and will specialise in swimming, water polo, diving and other water sports. There will be various programmes – both for beginners and to identify young talents and develop their skills so they can join national teams through special training courses in a professional environment. More info at

30 October 2018

Bahrain Olympic Committee


A sports management course was recently organised by the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC)’s Olympic Academy in Seef. Sixteen sports officials – representing national sports associations, the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport and the BOC – attended the course. The themes addressed were: human resources; strategic management and sports management; financial affairs management; and sports activities management. More info at

1st October 2018

Bahrain Olympic Committee President Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa has appointed Sheikh Mohammed bin Daij Al Khalifa as President of the Bahrain Sports Federation for Disabilities (BSFD). Sheikh Nasser also took the decision to task the Bahrain Inherited Traditional Sports Committee with supervising the inherited maritime sports programmes and activities. This committee is under the umbrella of the Bahrain Olympic Committee. More info at

18 September 2018

Bahrain Olympic Committee


The Bahrain Olympic Academy of the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) recently organised two sports-related conventions. On 9 and 10 September, the Sport Convention focused on two subjects: anti-doping and the road to professionalism in sport. BOC’s Sports Medicine Centre supervised the seminar, held in the framework of the Olympic Solidarity programmes. The second event, the International Physical Literacy Convention (IPLC), was held simultaneously with the slogan “Active Nation, Healthy Population”. It featured six themes: Sport for Life - the Journey of excellence and health; the Four Pillars of Physical Literacy; Physical Literacy in Communities; Physical Literacy as a Learning Construct; Improving the Quality of Sport and Developing Physical Literacy; and Building Quality. More info at

3 September 2018

Bahrain NOC


The Bahrain NOC is following the directives of its President, who is also Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, Sheik Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, to initiate a “green policy” to replace paper transactions with electronic ones. A committee, tasked with carrying out this initiative, had its third meeting chaired by Mai Al Binkhalil, in the presence of other committee members and representatives of the Information and eGovernment Authority. The meeting reviewed the e-projects launched by the NOC and others that are being prepared. The Authority expressed willingness to support any esports projects that support young athletes and sports activities in general, and the NOC specifically. Info at

27 July 2018

Bahrain NOC


The Bahrain NOC’s anti-doping committee organised a symposium on anti-doping for national sports federations that will take part in the Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang from 18 August to 2 September 2018. The symposium, presented by Hussain Al Haddad, aimed to raise the participants’ awareness about the Olympic Council of Asia’s regulations on anti-doping at the Asian Games, the list of banned substances and the need to cooperate with the anti-doping committees at the competition, among other things. More info on

23 July 2018

Bahrein Olympic Committee


Bahrein celebrated Olympic Day 2018 on 20 July in Riffa, at the headquarters of the national football federation. The event was organised by the Bahrein Olympic Committee in cooperation with the Bahrain Road Runners, which comes under the Bahrein Athletics Association. Walk-run races of 3 km were held around the various football pitches.

18 June 2018

Bahrain NOC


Bahrain NOC Secretary General Abdulrahman Askar received the Japanese Ambassador to Bahrain, Hideki Ito, at the NOC headquarters in Seef. Their discussions focused on the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the NOC’s desire to take part in these Games, and support the Organising Committee to make these Games a success. Info at

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