Mr Gerhard HEIBERG

Entry in the IOC 1994
Born 20 April 1939
Mr Gerhard HEIBERG

Mr Gerhard HEIBERG



MBA, Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, Copenhagen (1963); San José University (1964)


President and CEO of Norcem (1973-1987); after merger of Norcem and Aker in 1987, President and CEO (1987-1989); Chairman of the Board of Aker SA (1989-1996); Chairman of the Boards of Den Norske Bank (1995-2000) and of Norwegian Trade Council (1995-2000); partner of Norscan Partners AS

Sports practised

Athletics, football, tennis, swimming, skiing

Sports administration

Chairman, President and CEO of the Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Organising Committee (LOOC) (1989-1994); Chairman, President and CEO of Lillehammer 1994 Paralympics (1990-1994); member of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (1994-2017)

IOC History

Member of the IOC from 1994 to 2017; Honorary Member since 2017; Member of the Executive Board (2003-2011); Chair of the following Commissions: Marketing (2001-2014), Evaluation for the XXI Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010 (2002-2003); Vice-Chair (2005-2010), Chair (2010-2014), then member (2014-2015) of the Olympic Philately, Numismatic and Memorabilia Commission; member of the following Commissions: Coordination for the XVIII Olympic Winter Games Nagano 1998 (1995-1998), Coordination for the XIX Olympic Winter Games Salt Lake City 2002 (1996-2002), Sport and Environment (1996-2001), “IOC 2000” (1999), Coordination for the XX Olympic Winter Games Turin 2006 (2000-2006), TV Rights and New Media (2002-2014), Marketing (2014-2017), Olympic Programme (2015-2017), Audit Committee (2014-2017)