Intendant General Lassana PALENFO

Entry in the IOC 2000
Born 25 January 1941
Intendant General Lassana PALENFO

Intendant General Lassana PALENFO



Degrees or diplomas from the National College of Financial Administration, Paris, and the “Inter armes” coetquidant and Saint Maixent military schools (France), from the Paris School of Social Sciences and the Paris Institute of Administration and Management


Deputy Director of Military Legislative Affairs at the Ministry of Defence (1964-1967); Deputy Director (1969-1971) and Director (1971-1977) of Administration; Director of Financial Affairs and Defence Ministry Programmes (1977-1982); army inspector (1982-1983); Director of Social Housing and Buildings (1983-1991); Minister for Security (1991-1993); State Minister responsible for security (2000-)

Sports practised

Swimming, judo, football

Sports career

Black belt in judo, 4th Dan; football: cadet-junior-senior (school and university championships)

Sports administration

Member of the Côte d’Ivoire Judo and Assimilated Disciplines Federation (1966) then President (1972-1991); member of the SOA (judo, boxing and football) (1966-1983); Vice-President (1974-1978), Treasurer (1982-1990) then President (1990-) of the African Judo Union; Vice-President of the International Judo Federation (IJF) (1990-); Vice-President (1990-1999) then President (1999-) of the NOC; President of the ANOCA Development and Games Commission (2002-); President of ACNOA (2005-)

Member of other associations

Delegated member of the Red Cross (1969-); member of the Senegal-Liberia-Central Africa-Romania-Ghana/ Germany-Belgium mixed Commission (Istanbul Conference) (1970-1980); member of the High Commission of State Markets (1977-1991)

Awards and distinctions

Olympic Order in silver (2012)

IOC History

Member of the IOC as President of a National Olympic Committee from 2000 to 2011; Honorary Member since 2012; Member of the following Commissions: Women and Sport (2002-2012), Olympic Solidarity (2006-), International Relations (2008-2012)