Accelerating progress:
Objectives for 2021-2024

Gender equality, inclusion and diversity are Fundamental Principles of Olympism in the Olympic Charter and central to fulfilling the IOC’s and the Olympic Movement’s vision of building a better world through sport.

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 broke new ground as the most gender-balanced and inclusive edition to date and cemented the Olympic Games as one of the most effective global platforms for advancing gender equality in sport. This feat was achieved thanks to the ongoing work and collaboration of the entire Olympic Movement.

Today, the IOC’s focus is to build on the successes achieved and extend its ambitions as we look ahead to Paris 2024 and beyond. There is still more that can and needs to be done, on and off the field of play.

Yes, we have made progress. Yes, we can be proud of this. No, we are not complacent, there is still a lot to do. Thomas Bach IOC President

To steer our collective efforts for gender equality and inclusion, the IOC has set two key commitments to be achieved by 2024:  

  1. Consolidate the Olympic Games as one of the most effective global platforms for promoting gender equality, inclusion and diversity.
  2. Lead by example and support the acceleration of women’s meaningful representation in governance, leadership and decision-making bodies in the Olympic Movement.

To guide its work towards the achievement of these commitments, the IOC has set concrete Gender Equality and Inclusion Objectives for 2021-2024, providing a framework for mainstreaming gender equality at all levels of the Olympic Movement.

A strategy to advance gender equality and inclusion in sport

These objectives were developed using a strategic framework that covers the IOC’s three spheres of responsibility (the IOC as an organisation, the IOC as the owner of the Olympic Games, and the IOC as the leader of the Olympic Movement) across five focus areas: participation, leadership, safe sport, portrayal and resource allocation.

Gender Equality and Inclusion Framework

These objectives:

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  • Documents
    • Gender Equality and Inclusion Objectives 2021-2024
      01 Jan 0001 · Pdf · pdf (352 Ko)

    • IOC Gender Equality and Inclusion Report
      01 Jan 0001 · Pdf · pdf (3124 Ko)

    • IOC Gender Equality Review Project
      01 Jan 0001 ·

    • Olympic Agenda 2020+5
      01 Jan 0001 · Pdf · pdf (690 Ko)

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