Gender Equality
Diversity and
Inclusion Commission


Role of the Commission

The Commission advises the IOC Session, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC President on the implementation of the gender equality and inclusion strategy to enable them to make informed and balanced decisions to advance gender equality in sport on and off the field of play across the three spheres of responsibility of the IOC:

  • The IOC as an organisation
  • The IOC as owner of the Olympic Games
  • The IOC as leader of the Olympic Movement.

Responsibilities of the Commission

The responsibilities of the Commission are to:

  • Advocate equal participation of women in all their diversity, on and off the field of play, consolidating the Olympic Games as one of the biggest global platforms for gender equality and using sport as a tool for gender equality and empowerment
  • Promote gender equality as a part of good governance in order to accelerate women’s meaningful representation in governance, leadership and decision-making bodies within the Olympic Movement
  • Contribute to the IOC’s Safe Sport strategic approach to ensure a gender equality, diversity and inclusion lens is applied
  • Raise awareness of the need for and importance of gender-equal, fair and inclusive portrayal practices across the Olympic Movement
  • Advocate the equitable distribution of resources, including funding, facilities and non-financial support, as well as integrated and targeted initiatives to ensure gender equality continues to advance at the IOC, at the Olympic Games and across the Olympic Movement
  • Communicate and disseminate the IOC’s position on gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and monitor and regularly report on progress in order to inform the development of future gender equality, diversity and inclusion strategies
  • Identify, develop and support strategic partnerships and initiatives that are key to the delivery of the IOC’s objectives, such as UN Women and Sport for Generation Equality
  • Engage and promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion within the context of the delivery of the Olympism 365 strategy to ensure that sport is recognised as an important enabler of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion Commission is supported by the Corporate and Sustainable Development Department.


The members of the Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Commission constitute a diverse group of men and women representing different areas of the Olympic Movement. The IOC relies on their expertise, networks and influence to mainstream gender equality measures or promote specific policies on the international sports agenda. As an advisory body of the IOC Executive Board, the Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Commission benefits from the services and secretarial support of the IOC administration.

The Commission members are elected for a period of four years, and meet once per year. The members are listed below.


Vice Chair


Honorary Member

Director in charge

  • Director of Corporate and Sustainable Development

Gender equality and inclusion

Women and Sport
Gender equality is a top priority for the Olympic Movement. The two main aims are to make access to sport in general and the Olympic Games easier for female athletes, and to increase the number of women in sports administration and management.
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