What are the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s rules on exchanging links?

  • What are the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s rules on exchanging links?

    For outgoing links:
    The IOC’s policy on outgoing links (from www.olympic.org to an external website) is to allow only associations, clubs and other organisations belonging to the Olympic Movement (National Olympic Committees [NOCs], Organising Committees for the Olympic Games [OCOGs], International Federations [IFs], commercial partners and IOC-recognised organisations) to have a link on www.olympic.org.

    Incoming links:
    Links to www.olympic.org are generally accepted. However, they must be in text form only, and use of the Olympic rings is strictly forbidden to anyone not entitled to use them. In addition, wherever possible, links should be to the home page of the website.
    In no cases may a link be used for commercial purposes.

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