What role does the government of a country have in organising the Games ?

  • What role does the government of a country have in organising the Games ?

    The three main constituent groups involved in organizing the Games are the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), and the International Sports Federations (IFs), not the government of the host country. 

    While the government of the host country has a role to play in supporting the bid of their city in hosting the Games, it does not take part in the Olympic Host Contract and does not issue the invitations to NOCs to participate. Invitations to the NOCs are issued only by the IOC. 

    During the opening ceremony, the Head of State of the host country is received at the entrance of the stadium by the IOC President. The IOC President then meets the HOS in the official stand. The HOS proclaims the Games open by pronouncing the following:

    - For the Olympic Summer Games: “I declare open the Games of ... (name of City) celebrating the ... Olympiad of the modern era.”
    - For the Olympic Winter Games: "
    I declare open the Games of ... (name of the host) celebrating the … (number) Olympic Winter Games.”

    No other politician is allowed to play any role whatsoever, not even during medal ceremonies. 

    Except from that, the government shall not interfere with activities related to the organization of the Games. 

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