Beijing 2022 Playbooks


These final versions of the Playbook are being published with less than two months until the Olympic Winter Games and three months until the Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

They are the basis of the game plan to ensure that all Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games participants and the people of China stay safe and healthy for the Games.

They have been developed jointly by Beijing 2022, the IOC and the IPC, in close collaboration with the Chinese Government and relevant authorities.

The principles and COVID-19 countermeasures are based on extensive work carried out by an international working group, in collaboration with scientific experts and organisations from across the world.They build upon the experience of International Federations and sports event organisers who have enabled other successful large-scale events to take place, and upon the needs of the athletes.

The vaccination policy, a “closed-loop” management system and daily testing are among the COVID-19 countermeasure principles that will ensure that the Games take place successfully and safely.

All Games participants must follow the Playbook and understand the plans, the steps they must take and the rules they must follow. The success of these Games depends on all participants playing their part.