Vanessa Winship

Liverpool, UK

Global Active City: Healthy Living for All

The Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) is a non-governmental organisation that helps cities and organisations to improve the lives of their citizens through the promotion of physical activity, sport and well-being for all. In a world that is facing increasing health problems, the AWI model advocates more sustainable urban living and calls for new forms of governance. It provides a suite of standards, tools and services, road-tested with a group of pilot cities, and empowers city leaders, their communities and citizens to drive change. Cities are invited to join the movement and see their efforts certified by the Global Active City label

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The Liverpool Active City programme was launched in 2005 to boost low levels of activity and to mobilise partners from diverse professional and economic sectors and civil society to set out towards a different future together. Liverpool is one of the poorest cities in England, yet has world-class programmes for getting inactive people to make long-term changes to their behaviour. For more than 10 years now, Liverpool has pioneered a progressive physical activity and sports strategy, which has relied heavily on evidence-based academic research to target reluctant, hard-to-reach, inactive groups. It has also pursued innovative, outside-the-box ideas, like putting public gyms in fire stations and a football stadium.

© 2018 – IOC / Vanessa Winship - All Rights Reserved


Vanessa Winship (b. 1960, England) is an award-winning British photographer (two World Press Photo prizes, 1998 and 2008; Sony World Photographer of the Year, 2008; and the Henri Cartier Bresson Award, 2011).

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Her work is held in several collections, including the National Portrait Gallery, London, UK; the Public Collection of Contemporary Photography from the American South, USA; the Sir Elton John collection, UK; Fundación Mapfre, Spain; the Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation, France; and Tate Britain, UK.

She is the author and subject of several monographs:* Schwarzes Meer* (Mareverlag GmbH 2007); Sweet Nothings  (Foto8/Images En Manœuvres 2008); she dances on Jackson (MACK/HCB 2013); Vanessa Winship (Fundación MAPFRE 2014); And Time Folds  (MACK/Barbican 2018); Sète#19 (Le Bec en L’air / Images Singulieres 2019); and abox set,* Seeing the Light of Day *(B-Sides Box Sets-EDITIONS EDITIONS, 2020); and Snow (Deadbeat Club 2022), a collaboration with Jem Poster that interleaves images of rural Ohio with the answering short story, “Ice”.

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