Tokyo 2020 goes into orbit

16 May 2019
IOC News Tokyo 2020

As a part of its One Team Project, Tokyo 2020 recently inaugurated the “G-SATELLITE Go to Space” mission, which will see a small satellite deployed and orbit around the earth.

Tokyo 2020 goes into orbit Tokyo 2020

Adding to the excitement of this Olympic first, the satellite will have two of Japan’s most popular animated figures, Mobile Suite GUNDAM and Char’s ZAKU, on board.

This initiative is part of the Tokyo 2020 One Team Project, launched in August 2017, in which Japan’s leading creators, innovators and performers are invited to express their own interpretations of the vision for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

The Tokyo 2020 G-SATELLITE will be transported to the International Space Station by rocket and launched from there. GUNDAM and ZAKU will be housed in a cubicle alongside an electric bulletin that will appear once the satellite is in orbit.

During the Games, the G-SATELLITE will broadcast images of the planet, display messages on the electric bulletin and film the animated figures.

Tokyo 2020 goes into orbit Tokyo 2020


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