Los Angeles, Budapest and Paris transition to Stage 3 of 2024 Candidature Process

Frank Fredericks, the IOC Evaluation Commission Chair, provided an update on stage 2 of the Candidature Process 2024 devoted to Governance, Legal and Venue Funding to the IOC Executive Board (EB) currently meeting in Lausanne. No significant issues were flagged at this stage that would merit not supporting the advancement of a particular city to the next stage. As a result, the EB confirmed that the three Candidate Cities (Los Angeles, Budapest and Paris) will now transition to the next stage of the Candidature Process.

The deadline for submission of the Candidature File Stage 3: Games Delivery, Experience and Venue Legacy is 3 February 2017. During Stage 3, in April/May, the IOC Evaluation Commission will visit each city, before publishing a final report that will be provided to all IOC Members, and made public in advance of the “Candidate City 2024 Briefing for IOC Members and Summer Olympic International Federations” in July 2017. 

The Candidature Process is composed of three stages over two years leading up to the election of the host city for the Olympic Games 2024, in Lima, Peru, in September 2017. 

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