Atos’ technology instrumental to success of Tokyo 2020

Worldwide Olympic Partner Atos played an instrumental role in the success of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, according to International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach.

© IOC/Adam Glanzman

As the Worldwide IT Partner and lead technology integrator of the Olympic Games, Atos was responsible for orchestrating and securing all the vital IT systems that were needed to keep the Games running smoothly and securely. This included digitally securing the critical services needed for the successful delivery of the Games, as well as managing the Olympic Diffusion System (ODS) to provide data, including real-time results and athletes’ biographies, to the official Games application and website. And with more people connecting with the Games remotely than ever before, these digital services played a vital role in enabling fans and stakeholders around the world to follow the performances of the athletes.

In support of efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the Games, Atos has also implemented innovative ways of working, including fully migrating all systems to the cloud and scaling down the number of physical servers by almost 50 per cent. This new delivery model enabled Atos to reduce energy consumption, heat emanation and intensive hardware infrastructures, as well as the number of employees travelling to the host city.

“Tokyo 2020 were unprecedented Olympic Games, and it took an equally unprecedented effort from all of us to make them happen in a safe and secure manner for everyone,” said President Bach. “Atos was truly instrumental in connecting, securing and digitally enabling the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to all stakeholders worldwide, while decreasing the environmental impact of our IT operations. We are delighted to continue to work with a leader in the digital field, bringing innovation to the Olympic Games, and helping us to connect digitally with all our fans around the world.”

ATOS at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games © IOC/Tim Nwachukwu

Following approximately 200,000 hours of technical testing ahead of the Games, Atos was fully prepared for the complex technology effort that was vital to the success of Tokyo 2020, which included leveraging its expertise in digital cybersecurity and using real-time data analysis tools to secure the entire IT infrastructure. Its teams of cybersecurity experts monitored systems and networks continuously, from a Security Operation Centre (SOC), combined with a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). They were working closely with the Atos business and technology experts of the Technology Operations Centre, allowing for seamless incident response, with zero impact on the Games.

Atos was also responsible for the Advanced Access Control System (AACS) of the Olympic Games, which enabled accredited Olympic and Paralympic family members to enter hundreds of venue entry points safely. Highly secure ID processes helped reduce admission time compared with previous events and significantly helped reduce fraud, errors and waiting at entry points.

“The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 were historic for many reasons. Despite the difficult circumstances, the Atos team played its part by ensuring safe and secure Games for athletes and by enabling fans and all stakeholders worldwide to keep track of the most connected Olympic Games ever, capitalising on our sustainable and innovative solutions. Members of the Atos team are the silent heroes behind the scenes, preparing for the event years in advance with ambition and determination,” said Patrick Adiba, CEO Olympic Games & Major Events, Atos.

With the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 just over four months away, Atos teams are already on site in the host city, working to bring their innovation, commitment and passion for the successful organisation of the next Games, while the company is also actively preparing for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. For the first time, the company had to work on organising three editions of the Games at the same time.

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