Atos helping to make Tokyo 2020 most connected Olympic Games ever

Worldwide Olympic Partner Atos is drawing on several new innovations to help make Tokyo 2020 the most connected Olympic Games ever.

Atos technology staff working at Tokyo 2020 IOC

As the Worldwide IT Partner and lead technology integrator of the Olympic Games, Atos is at the centre of the complex technology effort that is vital to the successful delivery of each edition of the Games.

With more people expected to connect with these Games remotely than ever before, the company has adapted its critical digital services for Tokyo 2020 to enable fans and stakeholders around the world to follow the performances of the athletes.

“Tokyo 2020 will be the most connected Olympic Games in history,” says Patrick Adiba, Head of Major Events at Atos. “As a trusted partner of the IOC, Atos’ integration and digital technology expertise will allow all the Olympic family to enjoy the Games anywhere in the world.”

Among many of its vital roles, the company is responsible for digitally securing the critical services needed for the successful delivery of Tokyo 2020, as well as managing the results distribution service, providing data to the official Games application and website, including the results page, athletes’ biographies and medal tables.

Atos Lanyard on Miraitowa mascot at Tokyo 2020 IOC

For the first time during a summer edition of the Olympic Games, Atos is delivering and managing these and other critical IT services remotely through the cloud. This approach enhances delivery consistency, efficiency and effectiveness. Atos has also implemented cloud-native applications for the first time in Tokyo, improving efficiency by allocating sufficient resources – a sustainable method to develop applications.

In addition, for the first time in Tokyo, Atos is orchestrating edge computing in competition venues. This means that competition data collected at the venues is being processed and transmitted in real time with the support of on-venue local edge techniques, improving response times and saving bandwidth.

Atos is also managing the Advanced Access Control System (AACS) to ensure that accredited stakeholders can safely and efficiently access the hundreds of venues’ entry points during the Games. For Tokyo 2020, the AACS is the most innovative in Olympic history, with Panasonic solutions and NEC software enabling facial recognition to reinforce security systems.

Atos has provided IT solutions to the Olympic Games since 1989, and has been a member of The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme since 2001.

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