DateFebruary 6 - February 18
Grenoble 1968
Grenoble 1968 Official Film | Snows of Grenoble
On 8 February 1968 in Grenoble, Eugenio Monti’s great dream started to become a reality!
Grenoble 1968

About the Games

Olympic Firsts

Norway won the most medals, the first time a country other than the USSR had done so. Gender tests for women were introduced, as were doping controls for both men and women. The Grenoble Games were also the first to be broadcast in colour.

Slalom Controversy

French hero Jean-Claude Killy swept the men’s Alpine events, but only after great controversy. Killy’s Austrian rival, Karl Schranz, claimed that a race official crossed his path during the slalom race, causing him to skid to a halt. Given a restart, Schranz beat Killy’s time. However, a Jury of Appeal disqualified Schranz and gave the victory to Killy.

Memorable Champions

Toini Gustafsson of Sweden starred in women’s cross-country skiing, winning both individual races and earning a silver medal in the relay. Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov, an elegant married couple from the USSR, successfully defended their pairs figure skating title. Eugenio Monti of Italy piloted his two-man and four-man bobsleighs to gold medals.


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Grenoble 1968

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Grenoble 1968 | Olympic Winter games

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