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Sapporo 1972 Official Film | Sapporo Winter Olympics

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Grenoble 1968 Official Film | Snows of Grenoble

Using subjective camerawork, Ertaud and Languepin seize the pulse of the Games, with blink-of-an-eye cutting and slow-motion when needed. The dominant figure at the Winter Games in Grenoble was Frenchman Jean-Claude Killy, whose three gold medals equalled the feat of Toni Sailer in 1956. The filmmakers gambled on his winning streak, and include comments by him as he prepares for each race. Another athlete accorded perceptive treatment on screen is Marielle Goitschel, who wins the women's slalom. Fans of ice dancing will enjoy the extended coverage of the victorious Oleg Protopopov and partner Ludmila Belousova. President Charles De Gaulle was...