Grenoble 1968

Grenoble 1968The Mascot

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The name, “Shuss”, was chosen by the agency commissioned by the Organising Committee to advertise for these Games.


Shuss is a little man on skis in the position to which his name alludes. The top of his large two-coloured head, which rests on a unique zig-zag flash-shaped foot, generally features the Olympic rings.


Aline Lafargue

Did You Know?

Instead of "mascot", it was the term of "character" that was most often used at the time by the Organising Committee to refer to Shuss.

Shuss was available on a variety of items: keyrings, pins, magnets, watches and even as an inflatable version.

Shuss was created in a hurry. In January 1967, his designer had only one night to prepare a plan for submission.


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