LA 2028


DateJuly 14 - July 30
Countdown2113 days
CountryUnited States of America
LA 2028
Athletes, celebrities, artists: check out the LA28 logo creators!
Los Angeles 1932: California welcomes the world

About the Games

LA28 vision

Discover how the Los Angeles Candidature Committee describes their vision for the Games and the legacy they plan to leave behind:

For centuries, people have been following the sun to California – to a coastal paradise of beautiful weather, inspiring landscapes and an ocean of possibilities. Since it was first settled, LA – the City of Angels – has built a culture of progress by harnessing creativity and imagination for reinvention. Today, LA28 is inviting the world to follow the sun on a journey of sport and innovation destined to help transform the Games to:

  • Deliver the ultimate personalised experience for the Athletes
  • Maximise our existing sports infrastructure to ensure a sustainable long-term legacy
  • Produce a fresh blend of sport and entertainment to help refresh the Olympic brand worldwide and capture the imagination of youth
  • Reignite America’s passion for the Olympic Movement for generations to come
  • Embrace the principles of Olympic Agenda 2020 through fiscally prudent Games that deliver enduring benefits to the host city and the Olympic Movement