Vibes of the world to be brought to the venues of Tokyo 2020

17 Jul 2021
IOC News Tokyo 2020

In his press briefing after the latest meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board (EB), IOC President Thomas Bach highlighted the successful implementation of the COVID-19 countermeasures outlined in the key stakeholder Playbooks.

Olympic Village sign IOC / Tokyo 2020

During the meeting, the IOC EB was informed by Tokyo 2020 that, between 1 and 16 July, around 15,000 athletes, officials, and representatives from the media and other stakeholders had arrived in Tokyo. Only 15 had tested positive on their arrival or during a screening test, accounting for 0.1 per cent of arrivals so far.

Further updates from the Tokyo 2020 organisers emphasised their Games readiness. This was illustrated through the full opening of the Olympic Village, International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and Main Press Centre (MPC) earlier this week, venues moving into operational mode, and the knowledge that athletes are making their final preparations.

As part of measures to manage the COVID-19 situation, the Organising Committee highlighted the decision made earlier this month that no spectators will be allowed to attend Tokyo 2020 events. To mitigate the impact of this, the IOC shared details of its plans to connect billions of fans to this year’s Games through unprecedented broadcast coverage and digital innovations. These include the use of digital, real-time live cheer maps, fan videos that will be broadcast in venues, and the possibility for athletes to speak to close family and friends directly after they have competed.

Details were also shared about a state-of-the-art virtual audio experience that will be used in all venues. This will see sounds from individual sports from past Games broadcast through audio systems to create the effect of spectators despite their absence, providing strong, emotional connections with athletes.

Speaking about this, the IOC President said: “We will make every effort to bring the vibe of the world into the venues. Billions of people around the world will follow the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 via rights-holding broadcasters and other digital and media platforms. These will be the most followed Games in Olympic history.”

In addition, a summary of the Olympic Agora initiative was shared during the IOC EB meeting. This outlined the celebration of Olympic culture and heritage during the Games that has seen the establishment of a cultural hub in the heart of the city, in the historic Nihonbashi District, supplemented by a strong online presence. It was explained that this unique platform offers different touch points with diverse communities by putting Olympic culture, history, values and education at the heart of the Games. More information on the Olympic Agora can be found here.

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