PyeongChang ticket design unveiled

The design of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang tickets was unveiled on 31 October, just one day before the Olympic flame is set to arrive in the Republic of Korea and one day before the host country celebrates the 100 days-to-go milestone.

PyeongChang 2018

With excitement building across the country, the ticket design launch brings the reality of PyeongChang one step closer, enabling Olympic fans in the Republic of Korea and beyond to start planning for their own Games experience and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world’s best winter sports athletes in PyeongChang.

PyeongChang PyeongChang

A total of 29 designs have been released to cover 26 sporting competitions and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as one generic ticket design, which will feature across all of the sports. The sports-specific tickets feature the pictogram for that competition, while the tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies incorporate a snowflake pattern design which was inspired by Hangeul, the Korean alphabet that is also used on the Olympic medal design.

“As we look forward to welcoming the Olympic flame to the Republic of Korea tomorrow to begin its journey across the country, the launch of the Olympic Winter Games ticket design today is another important milestone for us and another chance to encourage everyone to buy their tickets and be a part of this wonderful event,” said the President of the PyeongChang Organising Committee (POCOG), Lee Hee-beom.

The Games are now becoming a reality and you can be the proud owner of a ticket to one of the best sporting events in the world. Lee Hee-beom President of POCOG

The tickets are certain to become an important piece of memorabilia for those lucky enough to attend events in PyeongChang from February 9-25. “The Games are now becoming a reality and you can be the proud owner of a ticket to one of the best sporting events in the world. The designs embody our message of peace and harmony for the Games, and we want everyone to share this experience with us,” added the POCOG President.

For the first time at the Olympic Games, fans will also be able to use a mobile ticket option - another addition to a Games edition that is focused on being the most connected and advanced in information and communications technology. Spectators can also choose to print at home or receive the standard paper copies. Those who have purchased their tickets online can expect to start receiving them from 1 November. To prevent counterfeit issues, all tickets will be encrypted with a QR code and hologram, as well as the full name of the original purchaser.

PyeongChang PyeongChang

For those still to buy their Games tickets, service centres in Seoul City Hall, Gangwon Provincial Office and Gangneung City Hall will open on 1 November. From 3 November, tickets will also be available for purchase at the two largest airports in the host country: Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport. And from 6 November, fans will also be able to purchase tickets from 19 high-speed railway stations across the country.

Ticket holders will, in addition, gain automatic access to a host of cultural events at the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza and Gangneung Olympic Park, as well as discounts on tickets for the KTX (the Republic of Korea’s high-speed railway) and advance reservations. Other benefits include highway toll exemption and free parking at designated Olympic hub parking areas and a free shuttle bus service between venues and Olympic hubs within PyeongChang.

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