Olympic champion Lawes teaches freestyle football star a curling lesson

16 Feb 2017

Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 gold medal winner Kaitlyn Lawes makes good on her promise to “kick @PWGFreestyle’s butt” as she takes freestyle football guru Philip Warren Gertsson through a full day in the life of a curling Olympic champion.

From getting his feet wet during a daunting dawn workout on a Long Island beach to a perception-busting session sweeping on the ice and a final, heavy duty workout in the gym, the 2016 Asian freestyle football champion is left gasping for a break.

“Honestly, I really changed my perspective. My mind was boggled, all throughout the whole day, yeah definitely a shock,” PWG reflects, after being beaten 12 push ups to six by the 28-year-old Canadian champion.

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After sweeping a 44-pound rock just once down the ice, Gertsson adds a warning: “Do not take curling for granted.”

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