Olympic athletes now have access to unique health monitoring and care thanks to Worldwide TOP partner GE

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and GE Healthcare have launched a new advanced analytics tool, which provides information to clinicians to help them predict injury and illness and personalise treatment for the 2,900 athletes competing at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

For Olympians who have been training hard for this once-in-a-four-year-event, their biggest fear may not be their competition. It may be injuries. But what if we could reduce injuries with big data and cloud-based software?

The tool called the Athlete Management Solution (AMS), designed in partnership with the IOC, integrates valuable information, such as athlete injury and illness data, with venue, sport and training procedures, to help ensure that clinicians have a comprehensive view of a patient’s health and can make an informed, rapid treatment decision.

“Olympians train for many years to represent their nations at the Games,” said Dr Jorg Debatin, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer for GE Healthcare. “Their Herculean efforts must be matched with superhuman clinical speed and quality. AMS helps clinicians do just that – by making data and actionable insights readily available to the treating clinicians.”

Keeping Olympians safe and healthy

All the features aim to inform the IOC and clinicians so that they can rapidly and effectively address injury and illness, with the goal of driving the best possible performance by athletes and the best possible experience for spectators. The insights also aim to inform long-term improvements to health and safety at the Olympic Games, which is part of the IOC strategy to develop and implement effective prevention strategies to minimise the risk for athletes at all levels, and in all sports competitions.


The solution also reflects GE Healthcare’s commitment to precision health, a holistic approach to patient care which encompasses diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring, to help ensure that appropriate actions are taken at the right time for each individual patient.

For more information, visit: http://newsroom.gehealthcare.com/

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