Make sure your body is ready for exercise with ‘Get Set’ – an easy to use injury prevention app!

07 Aug 2014
IOC News

Injuries are common in sport at every level. For an athlete, being injured can have devastating effects, but the good news is, injuries can be prevented.

Developed by the International Olympic Committee especially for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, ’Get Set - Train Smarter’ is a brand new app focused on injury prevention and has been produced in collaboration with Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and several International Federations.

The target group is not only elite athletes and their coaches, but anyone engaged in physical activity. ‘Get Set - Train Smarter’ was created to help prevent sports injuries by providing the most effective and evidence-based workout routines for your needs.

With a total of 30 summer sports covered, you will find specific exercises tailored to your sport. All exercises are presented through videos with easy to follow instructions on how to perform the exercise correctly and with varying levels to make them more difficult and challenging as you progress. The ‘Get Set’ exercises are designed to be carried out with minimum equipment, to make them safe and easy to implement wherever you are.

Get Set Train Smarter is available on iOS and Android, in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese), and is accessible for free.

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