IOC launches Consultants Register for Olympic Games 2024 Bid Process

23 Apr 2015
IOC News

Implementation of Olympic Agenda 2020 continued today with the launch of the Consultants Register for the Olympic Games 2024 Bid Process on

All consultants wishing to participate in or support a candidature for the Olympic Games must be entered in the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s Register of Consultants list for the city concerned. Entry in the Register is a prerequisite for the provision of any service and/or the signature of any service contract by the National Olympic Committee (NOC) and/or the city.

The Register and Rules of Conduct form part of Recommendation 3 of Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC’s strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement that was unanimously approved at the 127th IOC Session in Monaco in December 2014. Recommendation 3, which aims to reduce the cost of bidding for the Olympic Games, states: “The IOC to create and monitor a register of consultants/lobbyists eligible to work for a bid city. Formal acceptance of the IOC Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct by such consultants/lobbyists as a prerequisite for listing in the register.”

Registration in the IOC’s Register of Consultants does not constitute any form of endorsement by the IOC. A consultant is considered to be any individual or company not linked by an employment contract to the NOC, the city or the Bidding Committee, and which/who  participates in or supports a candidature by providing consultancy or similar services in any way and at any time.

The IOC is pleased to see that a number of consultants have already registered online. The list is public and can be consulted at any time on

Also published today are the updated version of the Rules of Conduct Applicable to all Cities Wishing to Organise the Olympic Games, which includes the Rules for the Register of Consultants participating in the Olympic Games 2024 Candidature Process.

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