Four ways the TOP Partners supported the Winter YOG

Lausanne 2020

22 Jan 2020

Staging the Olympic Games would not be possible without the support of the Worldwide Olympic Partners. Here, we highlight some of the ways that they contributed to the success of the Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Lausanne 2020.

Engaging fans

From supporting the Torch Tour that helped build excitement throughout Switzerland ahead of the Games to the array of fun activations being held across the host city, the TOP Partners have played a key role in engaging fans with the Winter YOG Lausanne 2020.

Omega, for instance, was instrumental in raising awareness of the Games in the lead-up to the Opening Ceremony, with the launch of its traditional countdown clock two years ahead of the event.

In addition, the Torch Tour, which was supported by a fleet of Toyota vehicles, saw the Youth Olympic flame embark on a four-month journey through all 26 Swiss cantons and the French resort of Les Tuffes before reaching the Lausanne 2020 Opening Ceremony on 9 January, entertaining thousands of enthusiastic fans along the way ahead of the Games.

During the Opening Ceremony itself, Intel provided 60 drones for a spectacular indoor light show while, once the cauldron had been lit and the YOG were underway, the TOP Partners continued to engage fans through showcases and activations.

These included Coca-Cola’s showcase in the Place de l’Europe in the centre of Lausanne, which included an après-ski café, LED wall, DJ booth and giant Coke bottle; and the Samsung Olympic Games Showcase in Yodli Park, which gave visitors the chance to experience the company’s latest high-speed 5G smartphones and other cutting-edge technology.

The TOP Partners also helped involve fans beyond the host city with the YOG, with Bridgestone offering ticket giveaways on its official Facebook page and Alibaba’s global online marketplace, AliExpress, launching its first-ever Olympic-themed campaign, aimed at promoting winter sports around the world and sparking fan engagement with Lausanne 2020, while showcasing thousands of related products.

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Supporting athletes

The Worldwide Olympic Partners provided a wide range of products and services to support athletes during the Games.

These included special welcome packs from P&G, which featured various hygiene care products for athletes to use, and an array of cutting-edge audiovisual technology from Panasonic – including 15 wearable cameras, 20 video cameras and six 27-inch screens – which enabled athletes to produce and share videos of their YOG experiences as part of Olympic Broadcasting Services’ Point of View Programme.

In addition, Samsung offered athletes the chance to take part in a special “Chat with Champions” Q&A session with a diverse panel that included elite-level athletes and social media experts, aimed at inspiring the young athletes and giving them the skills to create and grow a personal brand for themselves.

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Delivering the Games

The Worldwide Olympic Partners were vital to the success of Games-time operations during Lausanne 2020, providing support in the form of products, services, technology, expertise and staff.

Omega, for instance, supplied 60 tonnes of specialist timekeeping equipment – including scoreboards, starting gates, photoelectric cells and its state-of-the-art Scan’O’Vision MYRIA photofinish cameras – as well as 150 expert timekeepers and 100 fully-trained volunteers to ensure the accuracy of the Lausanne 2020 timing and results systems.

Toyota, meanwhile, supported the operations of the Organising Committee by supplying 62 vehicles, while Samsung provided 350 phones and 45 tablets for the Lausanne 2020 workforce.

Bridgestone also equipped more than 90 official YOG vehicles with the appropriate tyres, enabling safer and more comfortable transport of athletes and officials to the competition venues.

Ensuring sustainability

The support of the Worldwide Olympic Partners was crucial in Lausanne 2020’s efforts to host the most sustainable Games possible. This included Toyota providing zero-emission cars as part of the official fleet; VISA offering reusable shopping bags at merchandise kiosks; and Coca-Cola encouraging fans to recycle through interactive containers that “cheered” every time someone placed a bottle in the bin.

As the Official Carbon Partner of the IOC, Dow also worked with its customers to implement sustainable programmes in support of a positive social and economic legacy that enabled the IOC to offset the carbon emissions of its Games-time operations.

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