Atos leading the technology effort for staging the Olympic Games Rio 2016

As the Worldwide IT Partner and lead integrator of the Olympic Games, Atos is at the centre of the complex technology effort that is vital to the success of the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

The company, which has provided IT solutions to the Olympic Games since 1992 and been a member of The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme since 2001, is utilising an array of new technologies in Rio to ensure that the Games are fully connected, secure and the most digitally-enabled Olympic event ever.

For the first time, the systems to recruit volunteers, support workforce management and process accreditations have been managed in the Cloud, while Atos is also using real-time data analytics to improve cyber-security and track nearly every hint of digital activity within the Olympic network, ensuring zero impact on the Games.

By utilising the Cloud for key applications and critical systems, Atos will be able to move from a ‘build each time’ to ‘build just once’ model, meaning it will be able to use fewer servers, occupy less physical space and operate with a much smaller carbon footprint during each Olympic Games.

Using the Cloud also ensures access to information in near real-time. For instance, Atos’ systems will be able to deliver Olympic results around the world in less than half a second, with the Commentator Information System providing members of the media with touch-screen technology that gives results so quickly they can be seen before they have even heard the roar of the crowd. 


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In addition to distributing results, Atos is also supporting 37 competition venues with complete IT infrastructure and providing other critical IT systems that are vital to the Games.

Atos’ Games Management Systems, for example, have helped support the planning and operations of the Games, including processing 300,000 accreditations for those involved in the Games and managing the sport entries and qualifications systems for more than 10,000 athletes.

Throughout the Games, Atos’ on-site workforce will be working tirelessly to ensure that every moment of the sporting events can be captured, with the company responsible for processing more competition data than ever before.

“Without Atos, the Olympic Games could not go on for the hundreds of thousands of athletes, employees, volunteers, media and fans in Rio, or for the billions who watch the Games around the globe,” says Michèle Hyron, Atos’ chief integrator for Rio 2016. “Atos’ IT systems will allow for the instantaneous reporting and beaming of 6,000 hours of Olympic Games coverage to the world through both more traditional television means and digitally to billions of laptops, tablets and smartphones.”

“These will truly be a global Games, not just because of all of the countries represented, but because of the work of Atos’ contribution to bringing these Games to the world,” adds Elly Resende, Technology Director at Rio 2016. “Thanks to Atos’ systems and forward-thinking along with other partners, we have made Rio 2016 the most digital Games ever, allowing more people to experience Rio 2016 than any Olympic Games previously held.”

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