DateJanuary 25 - February 5
Chamonix 1924
Chamonix 1924 Official Film | The Olympic Games held at Chamonix in 1924
The Olympic Winter Games are born
26 January 1924: Charles Jewtraw was the inaugural winner at the Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix
Chamonix 1924
Re-live the First Olympic Winter Games Ever!

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The Olympic Winter Games Begin

In 1921, the International Olympic Committee gave its patronage to a Winter Sports Week to take place in 1924 in Chamonix, France. This event was a great success, attracting 10,004 paying spectators, and was retrospectively named the First Olympic Winter Games.

Memorable Champions

American Charles Jewtraw became the first Winter Games champion by winning the first event, the 500m speed skating. The outstanding individual performer was Finland’s Clas Thunberg, who took five medals, including three golds, in the five speed skating events.

Awesome Canadians

In ice hockey, the Canadian team managed to score 85 times without conceding a goal in its first three matches. Canada won the tournament by scoring 122 goals, with only three scored against them.

Worth the Wait 

American Anders Haugen would have to wait 50 years to receive his bronze ski jumping medal. Deprived of his third place because of a marking error, Haugen eventually won his case and obtained his medal in 1974, aged 83.


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Chamonix 1924

The Olympic Winter Games are born

Chamonix 1924 | Olympic Winter games

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The Brand

A visual identity is developed for each edition of the Olympic Games.

The Medals

Beginning as an olive wreath, medal designs have evolved over the years.