Chamonix 1924

Chamonix 1924The Medals

On the obverse, a winter sports athlete, arms open. He is holding in his right hand a pair of skates and in his left a pair of skis. In the background, the Alps with Mont Blanc. On the reverse, a 14-line long inscription: “CHAMONIX MONT-BLANC SPORTS D'HIVER 25 JANVIER - 5 FEVRIER 1924 ORGANISES PAR LE COMITE OLYMPIQUE FRANCAIS SOUS LE HAUT PATRONAGE DU COMITE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIQUE A L'OCCASION DE LA CELEBRATION DE LA VIIIe OLYMPIADE". [Chamonix Mont-Blanc Winter Sports 25 January-5 February 1924, organized by the French Olympic Committee under the high patronage of the International Olympic Committee on the occasion of the celebration of the VIII Olympiad].

As was the case with the medal for the Paris Games, the design of the Chamonix medal was also put out to tender. It was the engraver Raoul Bénard who was finally chosen. There were 2,000 copies made in the workshops of the Paris mint.

Designer: Raoul Benard

Composition: 1st Place (Gilt silver), 2nd Place (Silver), 3rd Place (Bronze)

Diameter: 55mm

Mint: Administration des Monnaies et Médailles


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