If you love to row and would like to participate in the first-ever Olympic Virtual Series while helping others, sign up on 31 May and join the Olympic Virtual Series Rowing Event

For the first time ever, rowers from all around the globe will collectively row from Rio to Tokyo during the Rowing Event in the Olympic Virtual Series. 

2 min By Alejandro Sanchez

The competition, which spans three weeks, allows those interested in joining by rowing from a personal rowing machine (at home or at your gym) or on the open water.

Different rowing workouts will be shared weekly. Besides following the weekly workouts, you will also be supporting a charitable cause through the Olympic Refuge Foundation and help donate $11,000 US (10,000 CHF) to a programme that supports young people affected by displacement through sport! The charitable causes connected to the rowing event are:

  1. Colombia — The goal is to protect young refugees and increase their access to safe sport through structured sports activities. A total of 5,772 displaced Venezuelans and Colombians will contribute to and participate in the programme.
  2. Turkey — It is the country that hosts the largest refugee population in the world, with over 3.6 million Syrians. The Olympic Refuge Foundation launched the programme Strengthening Social Cohesion and Inclusion through Sports amongst the Refugee and Host Youth.
  3. Uganda — The refugee population in Uganda is estimated to reach almost 1.5 million by the end of 2021. Game Connect, a nationwide Sport for Protection programme, supports the mental health of over 10,000 young refugees and their host communities.

Olympic Virtual Series Rowing Event competition dates

World Rowing:

  • Start date: 31st of May
  • End date: 23rd of June

How to participate

When joining the Rowing Event, you will use a separate web app or website to participate in the Olympic Virtual Series. After creating a user, you will gain access to register your rowing workouts. The web app includes a personal dashboard where you can find your total time and distance.

Find your rowing rhythm, support a great charitable cause! Registration for the Olympic Virtual Series rowing event will open on 31 May. Tune in on that date as you will be able to sign up, and all the information about the exact program will be launched as well!

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