Clip-in and settle into your saddle because it’s time to level up your cycling game for this first edition of the Olympic Virtual Series Cycling Event! 

The UCI and Zwift invite cyclists worldwide to participate in a festival of Olympic Virtual Series cycling events. This cycling series focuses on mass participation, providing something for every type of cyclist. 

Thousands of cyclists will come together for a social experience in this first Olympic Virtual Series Cycling Event. The Olympic Virtual Series Cycling Event starts on 1 June, where cyclists can participate in group rides, podcast rides, group workouts and Chase races every day throughout the programme. So, challenge yourself to set a new personal record, up your fitness game, socialise with your friends and the cycling community, and interact with some of the biggest names in cycling. In addition to the social group rides, the Olympic Virtual Series Cycling Series will offer the opportunity to benefit from the experience of past Olympians with a series of special podcast rides and Group Workouts.

The podcast rides are with eight Olympians, and the workouts are inspired by them and their racing specialities. Among the eight Olympians are Sir Chris Hoy, Anna van der Breggen and Nelson Vails. These Olympians have designed the Group Workouts to help take participants to the next level in their training. Group Workouts offer the opportunity for cyclists to train together in a group setting regardless of their ability. The IOC and the UCI offer new Zwifters complimentary access to the Zwift platform throughout the Olympic Virtual Series. Codes can be obtained by registering on the UCI here. Anyone who finishes an Olympic Virtual Series Cycling event will unlock the Olympic Virtual Series-inspired kit in addition to the official bicycle of the Olympics, the Bridgestone Anchor RS9s.

Important Dates:

Important dates for the Cycling Event in the Olympic Virtual Series Cyclists will begin the Olympic Virtual Series on 1 June, getting ready for the final chase race on June 18 and the 24 hours group ride on 23 June, Olympic Day.

See the schedule of the entire event below:

June 1-6: Group rides, open chase event, group workouts week 1

June 7-13: Group rides, open chase event, group workouts week 2

June 14-20: Group rides, open chase event, group workouts week 3

June 18: Final chase event, live coverage

June 23: 24 hours group ride, live coverage

In the final week, all the participants will have the honour of taking part in the first events ever to feature the roads of Yumezi, the newest Zwift map. On Olympic Day, riders can participate in a 24-hour rolling ride led by different Olympians, Olympic hopefuls and special guests, all of which will be announced closer to the time. This one-of-a-kind experience is not to be missed! Keep training and fueling — but be sure to sign up now to be part of this historic first cycling event in the Olympic Virtual Series!

Participate in Olympic Virtual Series Cycling Event on Zwift for free!

If you’re not already on Zwift, come and try the Olympic Virtual Series for free! In cooperation with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), we are giving you a free Zwift subscription for the entire period of the Olympic Virtual Series cycling event for any new Zwift customer.

To redeem your code please register using this form. The code will be delivered after you have filled in your information and clicked on the “Get your code” button


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