24 NOVEMBER 2022

Skateboarding, More Than A Discipline, A Lifestyle

Talk (in French):

"Skateboarding, More Than A Discipline, A Lifestyle”

In support of the exhibition "Riding the Olympic Wave", The Olympic Museum will host talks that explore the themes of the exhibition.

The first talk "Skateboarding, More Than A Discipline, A Lifestyle" explores skateboarding’s unique lifestyle and the links between skateboarding, art and culture.

Participants will discuss how the new sports at the Olympic Games, particularly skateboarding, are more than just athletic disciplines – they are also unique sporting cultures. Athletes express their creativity not only through tricks, but also through other artistic forms such as graffiti, fashion and music. The talk is moderated by Céline Dondénaz, videographer-photographer. Participants include:

Time : 6 pm

Language : The talk will take place in French.

Price: Free admission. An aperitif will be offered after the conference.

Place: The Olympic Museum, Gym, Level 0

Prior registration required.


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