The Museum’s Permanent Exhibition

To live a story is to share it

Would you like to relive great Olympic moments? Feel the pulse of the champions? Discover the creative flair of the host cities? Share the enthusiasm of all the volunteers behind the scenes? The world of the Games with its many facets will open up to you. The Museum has 3,000m2 of exhibition space, over 1,500 objects and 150 screens, all of which, combined with our passion, create the ultimate experience and give you some great stories to tell.

Level 1 The Olympic World
From the very beginning

What are the origins of the Olympic Games? How did they become a global event? Explore thousands of years of history, from Antiquity to the great celebrations of our time, when the host city is projected onto the world stage as the capital of sport and creativity.

Not to be missed:

  • The first Olympic flag dating from 1913
  • The torches from every edition of the Games since 1936

Level 0 The Olympic Games
Along the way

How have the sporting competitions evolved? The objects, images and stories of great champions will be your guide through these transformations. Experience the dynamism of the Games, in particular through a unique and unforgettable audiovisual show.

Not to be missed:

  • Sports clothing worn by some of the greatest athletes during the Games
  • The 180° film entitled “Inside the Race”

Level -1 The Olympic Spirit

Immerse yourself in the Olympic spirit with the athletes! The Olympic world reflects a philosophy of life – one that is not limited to sports competition and medal collections. The ultimate ambition is to build a better world, by improving human relations and life conditions.

The Olympic spirit is grounded in three core values that seek to achieve this: excellence, or the constant drive for progress; solidarity, which is about accepting differences and diversity ; and respect, which involves adhering to the highest levels of ethical conduct in relation to athletes’ own bodies, the rules and the environment.

Games editions follow one after the other, champions come and go, but the Olympic spirit remains, and we experience it together.

Not to be missed:

  • The interactive Olympism in Action area
  • A display containing the Games medals from 1896 to the present day
  • The Olympic Truce Mural from the London 2012 Games
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